Prank Call War (2494)

The Prank Call War of 2494 was initiated by two frustrated teenagers, Curtis McManus and Melanie Complex, living in the suburbs of the U.S. capitol of Las Vegas. It was an economic catastrophe that cost society trillions of credits. Additionally, it caused the collapse of numerous lower-level governments that had fraudulently been told that their credit debts had been paid off by the promotional sponsorship of a non-existent radio station called K-RAK. This lie caused the governments to switch from a retentive state to a progressive one.

Although McManus and Complex were never apprehended, it was discovered that they had used piggyhacking, a.k.a. piggyback hacking, to accomplish their pranks. Piggyhacking is a form of identity theft in which the vid-pod signal of an unsuspecting victim is coupled with the vid-pod signal of the transgressor; this allows the transgressor to remain safely anonymous.

The War was ended by a reboot of the offended governments.

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