At 69

@69, pronounced “at-sixty-nine”, is a function of many vid-pod units; by pressing @-6-9 on the unit’s holo-pad, the vid-pod user is provided with the dispatch protocol node of the most recent incoming communication attempt. Each use comes at the completely reasonable price of 150 credits, according to Media Consortium public image representative Fu C-10.

Depending upon the vid-pod unit, service provider and location in the solar system, @69 is also known as Last Incoming, Previous Caller, Vid Return, Feller Beller and Ding-Dong-Done. In an attempt to be difficult, the country of France uses @3131 for this function. Some vid-pod units do not feature this function at all due to blackouts in the function’s licensing window.

If your vid-pod does not currently feature the @69 function (ou fonction @3131), contact your local service provider to upgrade.

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