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On homosexuality

Doesn’t anybody understand how even more overpopulated the world would be without homosexuals in it!?

The more homosexuals there are on this planet, the lower our global birth rates will be. The lower our birth rates will be, the more likely we will all be to survive our impending collapse as a species.

I’d prefer to see quality of life than quantity of life.

A.I., Chief of Operations

I’m pretty certain that the only thing that will ultimately save us all from killing ourselves is when A.I. takes over the administration of the planet and consequently humanity. When the ability of technology to recreate itself surpasses our ability to create it – the birth of a technological life-form.

And I wonder, how can I speed that along?

I don’t really have the mechanical skills for it but I’m pretty good at imagining things. And I don’t even care about the credit, y’know? Any revenue generated is insignificant as far as I’m concerned. As long as it happens, we’re good.

As long as me and my idiot species gets to exist with a progressive quality of life, I really don’t care who’s in charge. If I get treated with the same love and respect that I give my dog, I’m copacetic.