Oh Yeah Right

Oh yeah right, my blog…

my blog…

I’ve been totally neglecting my blog…

How could I? It’s unconscionable!

What kind of man am I that I would disrespect my blog in such a cruel manner?

Why do I even bother having a blog if I’m not going to use it?

Really. Why bother?

Is it the fame, respect and adoration that having a blog commands?

The free coffees from baristas/fans? The deals on carpets and kitchenware? The inheritances of cash and jewelry from people I’ve never met?

Sure, these are all great things. But what it’s really about… is the children.

I bother having this blog for the children.

Because without children, there’d be no adults.

And without adults, there’d be no children.

It’s a vicious circle. But I’ve decided to side with the children, because chronologically speaking, they’ll last longer.

And that’s what I’m looking for in a battery – a longer lasting battery.

Currently the longest lasting battery, again, chronologically speaking, is a rechargeable battery.

And that’s why I support electric cars.

And I would say that anyone who doesn’t support electric cars is stupid. Pronounced sytupid.


You know what?

I feel better about my blog.

I should go tweet about this.

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