Canadian Comedy, Season 2

Here’s the first batch of 6 episodes from Canadian Comedy, Season 2, produced and directed by Simon Fraser …

E01 Ass Dave
featuring The Imponderables with Matt Hoos and Brad Fox
E02 Dog Sweaters
featuring Nikki Payne and Emilio Estevez
E03 300
featuring Bob Kerr
E04 No Boundaries
featuring Naomi Snieckus
E05 Cameltoe Cougar
featuring Shelley Marshall
featuring Ron Sparks

Click here for Season 1, featuring Shaun Majumder, Craig Lauzon, Diana Frances, Bruce Clark, David Merry, Cory Mack, Cole Osborne, Andy Hull, Ron Sparks, The Doo Wops, Norm Sousa, Harry Doupe, Toby Berner, Mike Wilmot, Warren Bates, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Paul Constable, Picnicface, Al Rae, Kenny Robinson, Renée Percy, David Ivkovic, Peter Anthony, Tim Steeves, Seán Cullen and Laurie Elliott.

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