Pity for Darwin

“I cannot think that the world as we see it, is the result of chance.”
– Charles Darwin

Oh Chuck D, that’s because to understand the probability of what did happen, you also need to understand the probability of the innumerable events that did not happen. Possibility demands it. (Possibility even demands impossibility.)

The myriad intelligent life forms that did not evolve do not attempt to find meaning in their existence. Because, obviously, they do not exist.

Hypothetically, if they did exist, having the knowledge of having not existed, they would be well aware of how their existence is completely the result of a near infinite amount of chances, just as their non-existence currently is. Life is weather permitting.

That Darwin could not let go of intelligent design (in 1860) only goes to show how powerfully the human brain can make us believe a thing, when all the physical evidence they’ve personally discovered points in a different direction.

Poor guy.

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