GO Moonbase

GO Moonbase is a sci-fi web series.

The year is 2507. Since the advent of artificial intelligence in the mid-23rd century and due to humans’ inability to keep themselves out of trouble, robots now control the world. Much of humanity has taken on robotic qualities. Control of genetic sequencing has enabled humans to be bred pre-specialized for certain tasks; clones can be harvested for personal use; bionetic modifications can serve to enhance human qualities.

Colonization of the moon is well under way (after several drawbacks due to human error.) Among the many agencies operating on the moon is GO GalactiCorps, which owns and operates GO Moonbase, consisting of two operational hubs: Shackleton Center, the primary lunar port, and Tranquility Island, the moon’s most luxurious resort destination.

Several hundred human-operated stations and outposts occupy the areas surrounding these hubs, including solar panel grids, power relay stations, atmospheric vent housings, communication arrays, environmental sensor outposts, in/out mass driver ports and robotech factories.

Webisode #1: Low Gravity Environment
Hal experiences low gravity for the first time and makes a mess in his spacesuit.

GOPedia: Biospheric Engineering

Webisode #2: Previous Tenant
Hal discovers something left behind by the previous tenant of the outpost.

GOPedia: Odormeters

Webisode #3: Long Distance GF
Hal apologizes to his girlfriend Rainey back on Earth.

GOPedia: Robot Time

Webisode #4: Dear Pod
Hal logs a journal entry about Rainey.

GOPedia: The Cariblantic

Webisode #5: Fly Boy Fly By
Hal berates a shuttle pilot who almost killed him.

GOPedia: Wanted: Major Tom

Webisode #6: Tang’s A Lot
Hal demands satisfaction from a customer service bot.

GOPedia: DrinkPods

Webisode #7: Beware of Doug
Hal fears there may be another man in Rainey’s life.

GOPedia: Human Cloning

Webisode #8: Shipping and Miss Handling
Hal logs a journal entry about the cost of lunar-terran shipping.

GOPedia: Lunar-Terran Transport

Webisode #9: Technobabbylon
Hal asks a favor of his moon boss.

GOPedia: Perennial Sunshine

Webisode #10: Galactic Idol
Hal votes for his favorite contestant on Galactic Idol.

GOPedia: Human Game Shows

Webisode #11: Client Doctor Client
Hal makes a pledge to his emoticon advisor.

GOPedia: Emoticonvention

Webisode #12: Gravitational Push
Hal drunkenly phones his girlfriend Rainey on Holiday Eve.

GOPedia: Holiday Eve

Webisode #13: Anniversary Blues
Hal congratulates his parents on their 35th anniversary.

GOPedia: Human Procreation

Webisode #14: Grumpy Dwarf
Hal replies to an angry neigbor.

GOPedia: Pet-bots

Webisode #15: Badvice
Hal reacts poorly to his doctor’s dating advice.

GOPedia: Patient V

Webisode #16: Love in the Aftermath
Hal hits rock bottom when his parents decide to attend his ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

GOPedia: Certifichips

Webisode #17: Navidate
Hal records an introductory message for his Navidate account as his vidpod starts to malfunction.

GOPedia: Van Allen Radiation Umbrella

Webisode #18: Mr. / Mrs. Humbridge
Hal replies to video spam as his vidpod continues to malfunction.

GOPedia: XP-18 Vid-Pod

Webisode #19: Puttin’ on the Fritz
Hal is unable to communicate when his vidpod goes on the fritz.

GOPedia: Food Cubes

Webisode #20: A Brand New Vid-Pod
Karl shows Hal how to use his new vid-pod.

GOPedia: XP-35 Vid-Pod

Webisode #21: Here Comes the Neighborhood
Hal’s neighbor Monty asks him for a favor.

GOPedia: XP-38 Vid-Pod

Webisode #22: Fecal Vacuum Tube
Hal is frustrated by a mysterious caller.

GOPedia: Fecal Vacuum Tubes

Webisode #23: The Heimlich Maneuver
Karl suspects Hal may have intentially broken his vid-pod.

GOPedia: The Heimlich Clone Series

Webisode #24: @69
Hal @69’s his mysterious caller but encounters an anomalous transmission.

GOPedia: At 69

Webisode #25: Piggyback
Unbeknown to Hal, a revolutionary piggybacks his transmission.

GOPedia: Prank Call War (2494)

Webisode #26: Manager 45
Hal meets his new boss, a robot.

GOPedia: Rebots

Webisode #27: A.I. Think Therefore A.I. Am
2250: humanity is informed that robots have taken over the world.

Webisode #28: This Just In
2271: Shackleton Center, the first permanent moonbase, opens for business.

Webisode #29: Memoirs of a Robot
2288: Robot Max-147 appears on a talk show to plug his autobiography.

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