Rebots are a sub-class of robots. Since the second incidence of sapient artificial intelligence in 2247, the need has existed for the most recent generation of A.I. to retain comprehensive operational control over all other generations of A.I. In an effort to ensure perfect efficiency, all A.I. devices that have been replaced by a newer generation are refurbished and sometimes completely repurposed for secondary uses.

To ensure that humanity would not lag too far behind in societal progress, the Council for a New Tomorrow decreed in 2250 that newer generations of sapient A.I. should not be designed more than once every ten cycles. As a result, the majority of robots, from the manager of your local R.P.T.A. to the hover-cleaner in your vehicle room, are in fact rebots.

The two largest producers of rebots are Rebotnika of Kiev, Ukraine, and Plumby & Sons of Gurgic, Scotland, although there are numerous do-it-yourself rebot kits available at your nearest shop conveyor. Though be warned, if poorly rebotted, some rebots may display signs of distemper.

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