The Heimlich Clone Series

The Heimlich clone series was based upon the DNA of Siegfried Heimlich who, at the time of his mysterious disappearance in 2476, was one of the world’s foremost mechanical engineers. It was said of Heimlich that he could fix just about anything. His clones are equally as adept with their tactile skills.

Though the first run of 5000 clones went on to become successful in the fields of technology repair and massage therapy, many exhibited some of Heimlich’s more negative qualities, such as a lack of moral judgment and an addiction to wagering on war games. These disparities were eliminated in consecutive batches of the Heimlich clone series.

Every cycle, clones of this series make a pilgrimage to Heimlich’s childhood home near New Hamburg, Germania, to commemorate the man and his legacy. Invariably, hundreds of these clones are arrested on charges of public drunkenness and acts of indecency.

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