Holiday Eve

Holiday Eve has its origins in ancient human tradition.

During the Neolithic age, humans were at a confounded stage of their mental development. Not knowing how to explain why some days are shorter than others, they celebrated their ignorance with chaotic festivals that lasted many days and included virginal sacrifices. These festivals were intended to both satiate their gods and let off a little steam.

As religious beliefs shifted from pantheistic to monotheistic, these yuletide festivals also developed into such sectarian occasions as Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan and Kwanzaa.

It was not until 2260 (Robot time) that all celebrations on or around the winter solstice were conglomerated into one single celebration called Holiday Eve. The negative effects of this change were minimal since Family Day and the Human Shopping Cycle had already been instituted.

Holiday Eve is celebrated every cycle at 00-00-80-50-20 and by law cannot last longer than 20 decicycles. Any persons celebrating longer than the maximum length of the celebration shall be subject to persecution.

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