Emoticonvention refers to the system of treatment created by the psychiatric robot Pinel-5 in 2410. It was fully endorsed by the Council for a New Tomorrow and put into practice approximately 8 nanoseconds after it had been conceived.

After studying all previous forms of psychoanalysis and the physiological construction of the human body, Pinel-5 deduced that the human mind and its emotional representations were far too simple to be given the amount of care and nurturing as had been applied in the previous 700 years.

Within the Emoticonvention system, the human state of being is divided into three parts: happy, sad and neutral. While neutral is the preferable state, it is sometimes necessary for emoticon advisors to push a subject into happiness or sadness in order to eventually reach a neutral state. This can be accomplished by pharmacological means or an imposed set of circumstances.

The emoticon advisor is not only responsible for the treatment of their subjects but also a cyclical emotional analysis represented by one of the following symbols:




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