Human Game Shows

A staple of human culture since the early 20th Century (Gregorian calendar), game shows have continued to thrive in popularity due to the unrelenting fact that, generally speaking, humans like to be rewarded for their triviality. Also known as quiz shows, sporting events and reality TV, they provide a means to direct the human race’s mob mentality so as to avoid addressing real-world issues. But they have also served to avert global conflagrations.

In 2370, a brutal war between clashing factions in the Middle East seemed unavoidable. However, in a stroke of robotic genius, the Council for a New Tomorrow ruled that rightful land claims would be decided by way of the game show “Spot The Whore!”. Contestant Pepe Al-Amino single-handedly prevented the war by correctly answering, “the lady in the painted face.”

Some of the most popular game shows ever have included “Le Prix, C’est Vraiment!”, “Two Men Enter – One Woman Leaves” and “If You Can Stick Your Finger In It, It’s Yours”.

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