Human Cloning

Human cloning was first legalized in Holland in 2082, though the first successful human clone would not occur for another 56 years.

In 2138, Dr. Hans Oleo and his team of genetic engineers managed to successfully create a clone of Dr. Oleo. Unfortunately, it was an evil clone – it surreptitiously murdered Dr. Oleo and took over his life. It was not until several members of his team were mysteriously killed and the doctor grew a mustache and goatee that the crime was discovered and the clone destroyed.

Human cloning has come a long way since its inauspicious beginnings. Genetic engineering robots can now produce clones catered to 99.71% of a host-client’s specifications. After a successful gestation, it takes an average of 10 sub-cycles for the duplicate body to be physically trained and societal integration to occur.

Any parties interested in conducting a cloning session on their own must first acquire a license from the Council for a New Tomorrow’s Human Cloning Licensing office at vid-pod CNT-3E. To contact a licensed genetic operator, check your local YellowPod.

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