When most solid foods were banned in 2275, nutritionists needed to ensure that the human race’s dietary needs would at long last be met. Numerous energizing liquids were developed but it was not until 2302 that a delivery method was perfected – the DrinkPod.

Invented by molecular engineer Percy von Shiffinerer, the DrinkPod was a giant leap forward for mankind, a device which could convert energy into liquid matter. The first DrinkPods to be marketed were powered by a miniscule Thorium 232 nuclear reactor; however, these were recalled when it was shown that the coolant tubes used to maintain a stable reactor core were sub-standard and prone to meltdown. There were approximately 2 million casualties from the resulting explosions and the city of Helsinki was quarantined until 3550.

Today, DrinkPods are both completely safe and widely accepted as the best method for maintaining proper human health. All lunar human dwellings come equipped with a built-in DrinkPod that dispenses water, medical syrup, high-density vitamin juice and Tang.

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