The Cariblantic

The largest ocean on the planet Earth, the Cariblantic formed during the early 22nd Century when polar ice melted, leading to a 37-meter increase in global sea level and nearly 2.85 billion casualties.

The Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean had previously been separate bodies of water but with the complete submerging of Florida (among other land masses), the two were conjoined into one grand ocean and efforts to revitalize the tourism industry in this new landscape began immediately.

Gigantic floating island resorts were constructed and became very popular, first with the wealthy but later with the riff-raff as well. Among some of the most famous are Isla Cubano, Lake Mauritania Safari Resort and The Grand Banks Anglers Lodge.

Many of the advances made in these early floating resort islands were later used in the development of the first non-terrestrial resort, Tranquility Island, located in Mare Tranquillitatis, Luna. Take your lunar dream vacation now on beautiful Tranquility Island by contacting vidpod L-TI99.

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