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Sex, Now Effort-Free!!

I received a piece of spam mail today. The subject was “How To Give a Female an Orgasm – Without Effort”.

And I thought, “Ya, it’s having to make an effort that always seems to get in the way. If I just didn’t have to do all that heavy lifting, all the roadie work, sex would be so much better.”

And if I could get this liberation from labor in the form of capsule I could ingest twenty minutes before I was planning to find myself in a sexual situation, wouldn’t the clouds just open up? For her at least.

And if I could do all this from the comfort of a reclining chair positioned in front of a television with a colostomy bag and oxygen tank nearby… I mean wow.

Spam (3674)

I decided a month ago to not delete any of the spam emails that automatically funnel to my spam email folder. The total blossomed to 3674. That’s not including the 3 or 4 a day written in Russian that manage to find their way past my English-based spam blocking techniques and into my inbox.

So screw you spammers! Your 97% failure rate clearly shows how feeble your intellects truly are!

It’s the little things.